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We are proud to be one of the RICS-regulated real estate organisations in the Netherlands. De RICS accreditation not only stands for quality but also primarily for integrity and transparency. The RICS accreditation also guarantees continued evaluation and improvement of our services and professional development of our staff.

FIRA is a socially responsible knowledge broker who offers security in sustainability. We make sure entrepreneurs find it easier to make sustainable choices that seamlessly tie in with their business strategy. As we are independent, we can show clients and stakeholders that Fakton’s strategy and achievements are reliable.

Fakton is a signatory of the FAST-standard, an international standard for building financial models in Excel which, thanks to its extensiveness, guarantees a well-structured, flexible, efficient, transparent and reliable development process for all models. Due to its signatory status Fakton has committed to implementing and developing it further.

The NRVT registers real estate appraisers for personal titles and maintains consistent rules and regulations of professional conduct for the four Departments (Commercial real estate, rural and agricultural property, housing and property tax). The NRVT supervises the compliance with the rules and regulations of professional conduct of the registered appraisers. In addition, the NRVT has its own central disciplinary system that provides a consistent, transparent and independent disciplinary proceeding for all registered appraisers.