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Fakton Capital plans for tomorrow's property development

Our background in finance and our extensive international network helps us to spot, see, create and execute opportunities in the Dutch property market. Together with domestic and foreign investors, banks and developers, we facilitate area and property development transactions, playing a pivotal role in the process. Our small but resourceful team of specialist financial deal architects brings together relevant parties and monitors the overall value creation process. We also offer M&A services, as well as tailored equity and debt structuring services.

We play a pivotal role in the process

- We have a complete overview of the Dutch property value chain.

- We think ahead whilst spotting and creating opportunities. 

- We have a large international network of investors and developers. 

We bring composure and confidence 

- We mitigate risks and uncover opportunities.

- We create feasible plans that benefit all parties involved. 

- We steer and coordinate, also during the development of an object or area. 

We make it happen

- We rely on our financial backgrounds in everything we do. 

- We bring together the most appropriate parties. 

- If we believe in something, we will support the transaction through to full completion.


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