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Comprehensive real estate advice for the public and private sector


Fakton Consultancy is an extensively experienced real estate adviser working with all parties in the real estate chain. We combine financial innovation with our deep knowledge of the real estate market to guide seasoned parties and newcomers in the public and private sector.

Urban Investment Strategies

Directing and organising the power of investment to build resilient cities.

More people work and live in cities than ever before. The Population Reference Bureau estimates that 70% of the world's population will live in urban environments by 2050, and today, the Netherlands already exceeds that. To meet changing lifestyles, we need to develop strong, resilient cities, capable of meeting the physical, social, and economic challenges of increasing populations. Our purpose is to create social and affordable urban living environments, contributing to this transition.

Our team's strong knowledge of the real estate market, our financial expertise, and our multi-national network of investors and financers enables us to contribute to this in a meaningful way. We are able to develop and facilitate complex projects by bringing together the right parties, striking a balance between interests and investors, and supporting sustainable cooperation and financing. Transitioning to strong, larger cities demands a targeted investment strategy, and the Fakton Consultancy team is up for the challenge.

Business Case and Financial Management

Control and guidance through excellent financial insight.

Market-oriented business cases have remained our primary specialisation since our founding in 1981. Fakton provides the financial expertise to closely manage the finances for (re)developments, investment programmes, and portfolios to assess project feasibility, optimise profitability, and coordinate investment programmes. We can develop a strong business case to tie up investment, earnings, and expenditure (Cash flow) with financing, making it possible to turn any project into a reality.

Our team of financial experts can lend knowledge in financial exploitation, financing, and process management to achieve solid, sustainable, and transparent businesses cases – in real estate, area development, and sustainability/energy - for all real estate parties including developers, investors, housing corporations, municipalities, and other government authorities.

Portfolio and Asset Management

Setting up your real estate portfolio for excellent performance.

Our financial experts leverage a strong market knowledge, deep relationships with interested parties, and our own drive to continue innovating to optimise portfolios. While diverse, our clients all aim to optimise performance within an adequate financial framework despite a fast-changing world and ever scarcer financial means. Fakton readily takes on challenges on behalf of housing corporations, municipalities and other government authorities, health care institutions, universities, large corporate parties and commercial investors. We understand our diverse client needs – from socially oriented parties to commercial investors – and are able to develop strategies that work for the wellbeing and goals of each.


Sales in Consultation

Successful (re)development through structured sales and value creation.

Our team can help you generate more from any transaction with a custom feasibility plan – designed to improve added value from a financial and planning (urban planning, programming, economic, social, sustainable) perspective – while mitigating risks. We follow our competitive dialog approach, to generate value for all stakeholders, while bringing together the seller's needs and market possibilities.

Organize for the Future

Become more responsive and resilient as an organisation.

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Digitisation, the Internet of Things, big data - they're all changing how we work, live, and shop. Social and economic shifts, aging populations, and the emergence of collectives filling the gaps left by retreating government institutions are dramatically changing cities and their environments. This calls for a new perspective and a new way to operate.

How do you create an organisation where people pay attention to this environment and anticipate fast-emerging developments in ecosystems, while still acting based on strategy? 

The strategy and innovation experts at Fakton can help you to answer this question. Our continuing innovation, deep roots in the real estate market, and our long history of developing change give us the tools to help you navigate this new world by inspiring and operationalising.

Urban Analytics

Insights, predictions, planning and real estate decisions.

Today, we work, live, and shop differently than previous generations. Market parties and government stakeholders must understand modern consumer behaviour to determine the potential of any given market. Our partnership with Springco, a data collection agency, enables us to detect and predict emerging trends earlier. This makes it possible for us to picture the future value of built-up areas based on behaviour and experiences, identify potential areas for improvement or where intervention is necessary, and where new opportunities are available.

We work together with councils, investors, and developers to help them better manage housing stock, better prioritise project portfolios, and bring better housing products to the market.

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