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Fakton is our people. We offer stimulating challenges in real estate. We give back. And, we understand the value of a work-life balance. Our people combine their real estate knowledge with experience, analytical skills, and their practical execution acumen to make complicated real estate projects a decided success. We set the bar high, and we challenge each other to move it higher every day.

It’s been that way since our founder, Wim Rust, introduced the Netherland’s first interest-only mortgage in 1981. Just 15 years later, we introduced a loan geared towards first-time home buyers, followed by a host of brilliant products, which would be difficult to describe without using terms like “Innovative” and “Disruptive”. Our founder set the tone and instilled principles of innovation and disruption in our DNA, and we continue to value them today.

As a company, we want to make meaningful contributions to creating social and affordable urban living environments and vital real estate organizations. We need to be truly innovative, while creating well-planned and financially sustainable solutions.

To get there, we need great people. That’s why we work hard to challenge each other in every way possible. We work on projects together, create opportunities through the Fakton Business School, and contribute to each other’s successes, but we also have fun. #FaktonHappiness is more than just a tag, it’s a way of life – and you’ll often find us going for drinks, or on our annual reconnaissance trips. #FaktonMovesYourWorld applies to our business relations, but also to our people.

Fakton is constantly in search of new colleagues with good analytical skills and the confidence to take imitative. We are ambitious, social, and curious – we expect the same from you. If you recognize yourself in this profile, and feel that you can create and implement solutions for complex real estate solutions, contact us at, we’d love to meet you.


I see Fakton as a dynamic organisation that applies its knowledge and expertise in the cross-disciplinary zone between real estate and finance. Time and time again, it’s great and exciting to mould content, contacts with clients, workload and (social) activities with colleagues on the side into the optimal working week! So, it’s never, ever boring. And, as a trainee, you learn about Fakton’s different areas of expertise, like the Consultancy team’s very broad group of clients, but also Valuation, Capital and (Re)development. All this combined with their constant drive for the best results, a team of energetic and young colleagues and the passion for such a crowded world is the true Fakton Factor for me. Suffice to say that I’m not done yet!

_LIZANNE HARTOG, trainee Fakton



During my past 27 years at Fakton, I’ve seen it grow from a 2-man band to its present size. I’ve seen many people come and go, lived through all the ups and downs and changes in management. So, why have I stayed with Fakton for so long? Because even with all these changes, a number of things have remained constant: as an organisation, we are informal, non-hierarchical (we don’t do competition between colleagues and go for a friendly atmosphere), and work together with fun and interesting people. This broad and dynamic setting challenges you time and time again and gives you so much satisfaction if you take on these challenges successfully with your colleagues to achieve results for your client.

_PETER VLEK, Senior Consultant



Why did I go for an internship at Fakton? Well, because they are a leading real estate consultancy firm and give you the opportunity to do the best you can! You’re always properly coached in combining your traineeship activities with your internship. And the tasks you get to do are very varied as well, so you get the opportunity to apply yourself to what you really like! Which is what you’re really looking for as a trainee, isn’t it? The atmosphere here is also great and it’s very friendly. People all go for lunch together, for instance. And everyone’s always prepared to answer your questions and support you with things you find difficult. So, if you’re looking for a challenging internship, then Fakton is definitely the place to be!

_JOHAN DE KOK, intern Fakton | student Business Administration at the Erasmus University Rotterdam